Blackjack game python

blackjack game python

I am learning Python at the moment and I am liking it, so after finishing the Dungeon Game I wanted to test my skills with a BlackJack game. Mini-project #6 - Blackjack. import simplegui. import random. # load card sprite - x - source: CARD_SIZE = (73, 98). CARD_CENTER = (, 49). Over the last few weeks I built a blackjack game in my spare time in order to practice building classes for the first time and to give myself.

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The only difference being, the first one excludes aces. I'm sorry I don't exactly have the solution! In your case, Card class knows about suits and ranks, which is also in my opinion wrong solution, since you might use any other deck except for French. I think the problem lies in the following sequence. So as a result of first 2 problems, it turns out that your Card is just a container structure without any logics inside, one of the best things to use for that in python in namedtuple. I was wondering about that also because now I don't want to waste the card value as I need it later to check the stats. Log In Sign Up. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Here's how it works: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. I'd like to see how it compares. If you keep the Dealer separate, you can have as many others as you like: Student should insert code for Hand class here. I think you are repeating a bit of code here. Code Review Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. How to Code a Simple Blackjack Game in Python One of the best things about programming is you get to create your own games. If the value of the hand is less than or equal to 21, clicking this button adds an extra card to player's hand. ActiveState ActiveState Blog Perl Solutions Python Solutions Tcl Solutions Download ActivePerl Download ActivePython Download ActiveTcl About ActiveState Careers. Student should insert code for Hand class. If the value of the. Other Information and Tasks Licensed under list of free apps PSF License Viewed times Revision 1. blackjack game python I don't see why you can't pass the deck as a parameter for either the function or the class. Code Issues 1 Pull requests 0 Projects 0 Insights Pulse Graphs. Mini-project 6 - Blackjack. Alex L 5, 2 17 Blackjack Python recipe by Mike McGowan ActiveState Code http: In this case, we used shuffle, which randomizes the order of the deck. I'd like to see how it compares. Posting to the forum is only allowed for members with active accounts. Home Forums Programming Forum Software Development Forum Code Snippets A Python Blackjack Game. There are bigger problems with the rules in this program; for example, a player total of 21 should not be blackjack and should not pay 3:

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Python Blackjack


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